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Guidelines for Difficult DecisionsPtr. John Wynn
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Title: "Guidelines For Difficult Decisions"
Bible Reference: Ephesians 6:5-9; Colosians 3:22-25
Speaker: Ptr. John Wynn

Date: Sunday P.M., May 08, 2022

I.    The principle of edification: Will this activity produce spiritual benefit? 1Cor. 10:23;

II.   The principle of enslavement: Will this activity lead to spiritual bondage: 1Cor. 6:12

III.  The principle of exposure: will this activity expose my mind or body to defilement? 1Cor. 6:19, 20

IV.  The principle of esteem: Will this activity benefit others, or cause them to stumble? 2Cor. 8:8, 9; Phil. 2:1-5

V.   The principle of evangelism: Will this activity further the cause of the gospel? 1Cor. 10:32, 33; 9:19-23

VI.  The principle of ethics: Will this activity violate my conscience: 1Cor. 8-10; Rom. 14:23; 1Cor. 10:25-29

VII. The principle of exaltation: Will this activity bring glory to God? 1Cor. 10:31