Sermon Outline

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Committed to VictoryPtr. John Wynn
00:00 / 42:45
Title: "Committed To Victory"
Bible Reference: Joshua 6:1-20
Speaker: Ptr. John Wynn

Date: Sunday P.M., April 17, 2022

I.   The obstacle: Jericho vs. 1

A.      It was an almost impossible obstacle

B.      It was completely shut and sealed


II.   The promise: "I have given Jericho to you." vs. 2

III.  The instructions: vs. 3-7

A.      They were unusual according to human logic and reasoning: 5:13

B.      There were some strict standards that had to be met.

C.      The instruction were shared with the people just as God revealed them.


IV.   The victory came as a result of commitment: vs. 8-20

A.      Their hearts were committed to submissive obedience

B.      They were committed to be consistent no matter the results

C.      Their commitment was rewarded with victory God's Way.