Sermon Outline

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Focus-on-the-FieldsPtr. John Wynn
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Title: "Focus on the Fields"
Bible Reference: John 4:30-38
Speaker: Ptr. John Wynn

Date: Sunday A.M., March 06, 2022

I.   The focus of Jesus: vs. 4; 27-30

A.    The impact this made on the Samaritan woman: vs. 28

B.     The impact this made on the city of Samaria: vs. 30

C.     The impact this made on the disciples: vs. 27

II.  The focus of the disciples: vs. 31, 33

A.    The disciples invitation: purely physical nothing spiritual

B.     The disciples question

III. The bringing things into the right focus: vs. 34-38

A.    The will of the Father is priority and must be finished: vs. 34

B.     The work of the harvest requires urgency: vs. 35

C.     The working together must continue: vs. 36-38