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The Wherein Questions in Malchi.Ptr. John Wynn
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Title: "The Wherein Questions in Malachi"
Bible Reference: Malachi 1:6-14
Speaker: Ptr. John Wynn

Date: Sunday P.M., March 27, 2022

I.  "Wherein have we despised thy name?": vs. 6

A.      The illustration/inquiry of God

B.      The indictment of God

C.      The inquiry Israel makes: "Wherein have we despised thy name?"

II.  "Wherein have we polluted thee?" vs. 7-14

A.      The meaning of God's indictment: you despised me by giving me the leftovers vs. 7, 8

B.      The message God has for them: vs. 9-11

C.      The mindset of this type of person: vs. 12-14