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Wherein Have We Despised or Polluted Your NamePtr. John Wynn
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Title: "Wherein Have We Despised or Polluted Your Name"
Bible Reference: Malachi 2
Speaker: Ptr. John Wynn

Date: Sunday A.M., April 10, 2022

I.  The announcement of the consequences of despising God: 2:1-7

A.      They had despised His glory: vs. 1, 2

B.      They were going to reap what they had sown: vs. 3, 4a

C.      They were reminded of how it was suppose to be: vs. 4b-7


II.  The assessment of God concerning their spiritual condition: vs. 8-13

A.      The assessment of the priests: vs. 8, 9

B.      The assessment of Judah: vs. 10-13


III.  The answers from both sides: vs. 14-16

A.      The Israelites: "Wherefore?"

B.      The closing answer of God: vs. 14-16