Sermon Outline

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Christian LibertyPtr. John Wynn
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Title: "Christian Liberty"
Bible Reference: Romans 14:1-11
Speaker: Ptr. John Wynn

Date: Wednesday P.M., April 27, 2022

I.  The instructions given regarding the weaker brethren: vs. 1-3

A.      The definite principle: vs. 1

B.      The description: vs. 2, 5

C.      The deciding factor


II.  The inherent danger for both parties involved: vs. 3, 4

A.      The danger of despising

B.      The danger of judging

C.      The danger of usurping God's authority


III.  The internal attitude is the key factor:

A.      All is done out of thanksgiving to God

B.      All is done out of a desire to live for God: vs. 7-9


IV.   The Inquiring Paul gives in conclusion: vs. 10, 11

A.      But why dost thou judge thy brother?

B.      Why dost thou set at nought thy brother?