Sermon Outline

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Let The Weak Say I Am StrongPtr. John Wynn
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Title: "Let The Weak Say I Am Strong"
Bible Reference: II Corinthians 12:7-10
Speaker: Ptr. John Wynn

Date: Wednesday P.M., May 04, 2022

I.  The personal humility: vs. 6, 7a

A.      The danger we all face: vs. 7a

B.      The Divine intervention we will all experience: vs. 7b

C.      The desire we all have: vs. 8


II. The perfect grace: vs. 9

A.      It will always be sufficient

B.      It will strengthen us: II Cor. 4:7;   I Cor. 2:3, 4


III. The pleasure of life: vs. 9b, 10

A.      Realizing my weakness through difficulties

B.      Seeing the power of God strengthen me

Conclusion: Joel 3:10; Heb. 11:34