Sermon Outline

The Importance of Showing A PatternBro. Anton Gabriola
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Title: "The Importance of Showing A Pattern"
Bible Reference: Titus 2:1-8
Speaker: Bro. Anton Gregor Gabriola

Date: Sunday A.M., May 15, 2022

I.  The Pattern Required: v.2-6

  A. Aged Men/Elders

      1. Sober

      2. Temperate

      3. Sound in faith

      4. Charity

      5. Patience

  B. Aged Women/Teachers

      1. In behavior as becometh holiness

      2. Not false accusers

      3. To be discreet

      4. Chaste

      5. Keepers at home

      6. Good

      7. Obedient to their own husbands

  C. Young Women

  D. Young Men


II.  The Process Revealed: v.7a

III. The Priority Recognized:  v.7b-8