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The Wherein Questions In MalachiPtr. John Wynn
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Title: "The Wherein Questions In Malachi"
Bible Reference: Malachi 3:7-12
Speaker: Pastor John C. Wynn

Date: Sunday A.M., May 22, 2022

I.  Wherein shall we return? vs. 6, 7

    A. The eternal consistency of God: vs. 6; Mal. 1:1-5

    B. The inconsistency of the people: vs. 7

    C. The continual invitation to return to God

    D. The continual denial of the people of God: "Wherein shall we return?"


II.  Wherein have we robbed thee? vs. 8

    A.  The inquiring: vs. 8

         -God's question and answer: "Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed me?"

         -Man's question and God's answer: "Wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes and offerings,"

  1.  The cursing: vs. 9

  2. The testing: vs. 10

  3. The rebuking: vs. 11

  4. The blessing: vs. 12