Sermon Outline

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The Powerful Pull Of A Sinful Culture Ptr. John Wynn
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Title: "The Powerful Pull Of A Sinful Culture"
Bible Reference: Genesis 13, 19
Speaker: Pastor John C. Wynn

Date: Sunday A.M., May 29, 2022

I.  The starting point: perception instead of God began to guide him

A. The division that took place

B. The direction Lot went: based entirely on perception


II.  The simple decision

A.  The simple decision

B. The sad commentary

III. The steps that followed:

A. A resident in Sodom: Gen. 14:12

B. A citizen in Sodom: Gen. 19:1

C. A family relationship with Sodom: 19:14

D. A moral relationship with Sodom: 19:4-8

E. A miserable man in Sodom: 2Pet. 2:7,8

IV. The sad effect

A. His wife: 19:17,26

B. His daughters: 19:14,30-38

C. His son’s in laws: 19:14

D. The future generations: 19:37,38