Sermon Outline

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For To Me To Live Is ChristPtr. Alfred Cabrigas
00:00 / 38:27
Title: "For To Me To Live Is Christ"
Bible Reference: Philippians 1:21
Speaker: Pastor Alfred Cabrigas

Date: Sunday P.M., June 05, 2022

I.  To be in fellowship in the gospel of Christ: vs. 3-7

A. The Contemplation: vv. 3-5; Phil. 4:15-18; 2 Cor. 8:1-5

B. The Confidence: vv. 6-7; Phil. 4:19


II.  To be fruitful in righteousness: vs. 9-11

A. The Prayer: v.9a; Col. 1:9-10

B. The Progression: vs. 9b-11


III. To be faithful in all times: vs. 20-21

A. To Magnify Christ: v.20

B. To Manifest Christ: vv.13, 27