Sermon Outline

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The Apostle Matthew and Thomas & Thomas the PessimistPtr. John Wynn
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Title: "The Apostles Matthew And Thomas & Thomas The Pessimist"
Bible Reference: Matthew 9:9; John 11:16
Speaker: Pastor John C. Wynn

Date: Wednesday P.M., August 10, 2022

I. His call: Matt. 9:9

A. The surprise of his call: the timing and the recipient were surprising

B. The Sovereign work of the call


II.  His first desire: Matt. 9:10; Luke 5:29-32


I. His willingness to die with Jesus: John 11:1-16

A. The sickness of Lazarus: vs. 1-3

B. The sovereignty of Jesus: vs. 4, 6, 11, 14, 15

C. The sad condition of the Apostles: vs. 8, 15

D. The saying of Thomas: "Let us also go, that we may die with Him."


II.  His worry about being separated from Jesus: John 14:1-5

III. His wonderful life changing experience: John 20:19-30

A. The absence of Thomas

B. The absence of belief

C. The mild rebuke

D. The meaningful confession