Sermon Outline

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Learning from GracePtr. John C. Wynn
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Title: "Learning from Grace"
Bible Reference: Titus 2:11-15
Speaker: Ptr. John C. Wynn
Date: Sunday A.M., August 1, 2021

I.      The denying and the living: v.12

        A. We should deny: v.12; 1:16

        B. We should live: soberly, righteously, and godly

II.     The looking: v.13

        A. For that blessed hope: 1:2

        B. For the glorious appearing: II Pet. 3:12-14


III.    The giving: v.14

        A. The purpose of giving: Mark 10:45; I Pet. 1:18,19

        B. The purifying effect of giving

IV.    The speaking: v.15

        A. We are to speak these things:

        B. We are to speak with all authority