Sermon Outline

Understanding the Cost of SacrificePtr. John C. Wynn
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Title: "Understanding the Cost of Sacrifice"
Bible Reference: II Samuel 24
Speaker: Ptr. John C. Wynn
Date: Sunday A.M., August 15, 2021

I.      David’s foolish failure: vs.1-9

        A. Unreal view of his strength

        B. Underlying sense of pride


II.     David’s realized repentance: v.10​

        A. Prompted by the recurrence of his feeling of guilt

        B. Provoked by the recognition of his foolish governance

III.    David’s proceeding punishment: vs.11-16

        A. Affected people

        B. Applied partially

IV.    David’s sincere sacrifice: vs.24-25

        A. Careful obedience

        B. Costly offering

I. Christ was Triumphant
II. Christ was Sinless
III. Christ was Punished
IV. Christ was Sacrificed