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About Us

Our church would be known by many as "old school." We still practice having three services a week, and we stress the Word of God as the Power of God that brings salvation. Our music program would also be "old school." We do, however, have many talented people that write and compose original songs that we use in our services. We also have an orchestra that plays during each of our three services per week.


Our church provides ministries for every member of the family. We have an extensive visitation and soulwinning program with the majority of our church members making visits each week. Once a month, we have family visitation with more than 120 members participating.


Grace Baptist Church started in Leyte, Philippines by an American Missionary to the country, Pastor Leslie Funk. Pastor Funk had started Bible Baptist Church in the downtown area of Tacloban. It was sometime in the year 1977 that Pastor Funk felt that he is led to start a work at the edge of the town. It was in Marasbaras where he rented a small road-side building. It was not long when he was led to purchase a property in a nearby area, which now the Grace Baptist Church still stands. It was in Banezville II that the original L-shaped structure of the church was built. In 1978, the work was organized into a church.


A couple of years later, Pastor Funk's dear wife was found out to have cancer that made them decide to go back to the United States for treatment. It was also that time when Pastor Howard Wynn and his family came to Tacloban. Pastor Wynn was voted to be the pastor of Grace Baptist Church in the year 1980. Pastor Wynn had the chance to celebrate with the church on its second anniversary.


In 1984 and 1985, Grace Baptist Academy and Grace Baptist Bible College started respectively. The building and property had expanded over the years and was remodeled so as to meet the growing needs of the ministry.


Grace Baptist Church started Faith Promise Missions giving on Pastor Wynn’s first year as a pastor. One thousand US dollars was promised that year. Currently, the church’s Faith Promise Missions giving has reached 6.2 million pesos per year.


It was more than a decade ago when a 450-square-meter property was purchased for building our new auditorium and Sunday School rooms. It is a two-story complex and was built over a six-year period of time by the funds from the faithful members of the Grace Baptist Church. Several years ago, the church was also able to purchase a 4-hectare property at the north of Tacloban for the purpose of having a campsite for its annual Ley-Sam Baptist Youth Camps. The campsite is now called Camp Victory.


On February 6, 2021, Pastor Howard L. Wynn, the pastor of Grace Baptist Church for 41 years, was called home by the Lord at the age of 73. On March 14, 2021, with 100% vote from all the voting members of the church, his son, Pastor John C. Wynn, was voted and installed as the new pastor of Grace Baptist Church.


God has blessed Grace Baptist Church. We have fifteen directly sent out missionaries from the church. We also support almost thirty missionaries around the world. We have graduates from our academy and Bible College working around the world in various positions. At present, we have over twelve young men and several young ladies studying here in our Bible College who are ready and willing to serve the Lord wherever he would lead them. Grace Baptist Academy is doing well with graduates now serving around the world.


To God be the glory, great things He has done!

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