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Sermon Outline

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Trust God CompletelyPtr. John C. Wynn
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Title: "Trust God Completely"
Bible Reference: Proverbs 3:5
Speaker: Ptr. John C. Wynn

I.     Trust Defined or Understood is a Necessity: "Trust..."

       A. Defined: secure confident

       B. Demonstrated:

           1. Nehemiah: Neh. 2:20

           2. Noah, Abraham and Sara: Heb.11:7-12


II.    Trust's Divine Focus is a Necessity: " the LORD..."

       A. The Right Focus: the LORD

       B. The Reason for Trusting the Lord

            1. The complexity of life

            2. Our ignorance of the future

            3. The duty we are called to: servanthood

       C. The Result of Trusting the Lord: He will guide us

III.   Trust Divided is No Trust At All: "...with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding."

       A. Let the Trust of God Saturate your Life

       B. Lean away from your own understanding: (knowledge, wisdom)

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